Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some love for my brother Joe

As many of you know, in September my brother Joe left to go serve an LDS mission in Goiania, Brazil. The family got to converse with him briefly (we got a total of 40 minutes) on Christmas Day and won't get to speak with him again until Mother's Day.

Why do I write all this, you ask? Because my bro has been pretty sick down there. He couldn't email us last week because he was at the doctor again, trying to figure out what's causing him to be so sick. Initially, they thought he had an intestinal infection, which may have been complicated by dehydration. But it's been slightly unsettling because no one is exactly sure what's wrong with him. In spite of it all, he's had such a great attitude about this whole thing and has really downplayed it to the family. It was only when my dad was talking to him on the phone on Christmas Day that we realized that he'd been so sick that he went to the hospital.

He's my little brother, and I'm worried about him, but am also so proud of his strength amid adversity. He's been so faithful and has worked so hard, and it breaks my heart to think that he is suffering. So I humbly ask you, my blog peeps, to throw up some extra prayers/good vibes/happy thoughts for my brother, Joe. It would be greatly appreciated.

**UPDATE: Joe wrote us this week and said that he is feeling much better. Thanks for your support and prayers!!**


Kenna said...

Anything for you and your fam kiddo.

Considering it done.


Kelly and Stacey said...

Oh man, that's so hard when they are far away, and you can't be there to help. I bet your poor mom is dying over this. We will keep him in our prayers.

Shannon said...

I just got all teary-eyed reading this...hormones much? JK, not hormones, just valid concern for your little bro. I'm so sorry to hear that he is sick...he is for sure in my prayers/good vibes/prayers, prayers, prayers. Good luck Elder Joe!

Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

My little brother is on a mission too. I can't even imagine how hard it would be if we knew he was sick. We will be sure to pray for him.

Whitney said...

oh man we totally will! josh served in brasil too he knows what it's like to get sick. what a cutie your little brother is! hang in there joe!

and i miss you L train!