Thursday, September 25, 2008

Farewell Joseph, my broseph

As my post a few months ago indicated, my brother Joe was called to serve a mission for our church in Goiania, Brazil. He left for Brazil to enter the Missionary Training Center on Tuesday, and I already miss him.

I never realized how young nineteen really is until now. When I was a little kid I thought that missionaries seemed so old, that nineteen was some lofty (and old) age. But really, you're still just a kid. You're just beginning to figure out who you are.

That's why I'm so proud of Joe. He's putting college and baseball on hold so that he can serve our Heavenly Father for 24 months. He has exhibited such strength and such faith and is an incredible inspiration and example. I love him and I will miss him. But there's no where else I'd rather have him be.

All the sibies

The night before he left

Saying goodbye at the airport

Mark Sr. and Mark Jr.


Cami said...

Im so glad you posted pictures!!! Yea!! You look so pretty in all of them. I can't believe Joe has left for a mission. He is stuck at 12 in my mind. Crazy business....he will do such a good job! It was so good to see Bizzy for a short second too. I miss your whole fam! Next time Biz is up can we all have a sleep over?! Hello awesome!

Kenna said...

The whole 'mission' thing just amazes me, I'm not gonna lie. My lil bro is just 15 but I really can't wait for him to (hopefully!) go on a mission. It makes me proud thinking about it.

Josh always says we are going to go on one when we are older. I am not so sure about this, but we'll let him think what he wants. I'll do whatever he wants, I just want to get my jeep.

lauren said...

oh cami, bless your heart, you're so nice! it is so crazy that joe is so old, i can hardly believe it. and i know that biz had a fun time seeing you too.

and a sleepover would so be awesomeness to the max for sure.