Thursday, January 19, 2012

Because there are so few smashing couples these days

I hope you will indulge me as I take a break from the present, and wax a little nostalgic. 

A couple of years ago, I compiled a book for my parents' anniversary that basically told their "story." (That's where I finally got a hold of my favorite image of them on their wedding day, which can be seen here.)

While I was searching for photos to include, I came across some amazing photos of my mom's parents. You know, Peesh and the Colonel.

I mean, these two are just classy my friends. Old school glamour at its finest.

I am kind of really obsessed with all of these photos. Doesn't Peesh have fabulous style? And the Colonel! So dashing. They are my inspiration in many ways. The best grandparents a girl could ask for.

And just for fun, I included a photo of me and the grandparents from back in the day, amongst all of my boy cousins. I was the first granddaughter, after all. Something that my baby and I share.

Speaking of which, I think there's a bit of a resemblance between my daughter and me in the above photo.

What do you think?


Shannon said...

I agree. It's the eyes. Your grandparents ARE classy. Love that you have them, and your parents, to look up to.

Lilismom said...

So cute! Love the pics, need more of baby girl! :) Still can't wait to meet her!