Monday, December 8, 2008

A prayer for our "Peesh"

On Saturday, my lovely and incredible grandma (wife of The Colonel) was rushed into emergency surgery to repair a hole in her stomach. The procedure went remarkably well, which is such a blessing. She will be just fine. However, she has to be in the hospital until at least Thursday, so they can ensure that the surgery was successful and that she is fully recovered. She is also unable to consume anything (including liquids) while they monitor her stomach.

We visited her yesterday, and as always she was in great spirits and had such a great attitude. And there's nothing more precious than seeing the incredible relationship that she shares with my grandpa. It's what I aspire to.

So I humbly ask all of my blog friends to throw up a couple of extra prayers (or good vibes or whatever) for my precious "Peesh," if you feel so inclined.

Photo courtesy of Shae (because I don't have any on my work computer).
Peesh with The Colonel and my cousin's beautiful daughter.


Kenna said...

I do feel so inclined.

Consider it done. Twice.

Ashley said...

Oh bless you dear Peesh

Shannon said...

Of course. I will be throwing up prayers and good vibes and positive thoughts in buckets full. Good luck to your sweet Peesh. She is beautiful. runs in the fam.

Clayton & Amber said...

I remember seeing your cute Peesh from time to time. She is im our prayers! -Ambs