Monday, February 8, 2010

Random thoughts whilst brushing my teeth

I believe I have decided that Emma is my favorite Jane Austen novel.

Though I think the Masterpiece Classic version was great... I think I still prefer the Gwyneth version.

UFC fights are way too bloody to be sanitary.

Why are football players so enthusiastic about small plays? Do they shoot up testosterone prior to every game? I mean, really. Glad you tackled that guy. But we're 30 seconds into the first quarter. Get excited when you stop someone from scoring a winning touchdown or when you have an incredible interception or something.

I guess Austin Collie isn't as righteous as he thought. I mean, otherwise the Colts totes would have won. Right? (NOT.)

Why did I dream about getting purple crayon on my wedding dress? Was this my subconscious telling me I should not let my Sunbeams color in class?

Why is it that I am having the worst acne of my life at 25? I mean, really.

That being said, why am I not an esthetician? I could get paid to pick people's zits. Incredible that I did not think of this before.

Ultra conservatives are bugging me more than flaming liberals lately. I hope I'm not becoming a "Godless Democrat." Bwah ha ha.

Why is it that every time I am stressed I crave something terrible for me?

I don't like the way fillings feel. There should be ridges instead of smoothness. Oh yeah, and sensitivity sucks. I already have sensitive teeth. I didn't need a filling to make it worse.

I. HATE. CAVITIES. (Glad I only had one. Knock on wood.)

I wonder how long it will take me to fall asleep tonight. I'm guessing two hours. [Just fyi: It did take about two hours.]

It's amazing how many thoughts shoot through my head in the space of 1-2 minutes. I'm random.


Kenna said...

if i had such awesome, random thoughts whilst brushing my teeth, i'd write a book.

so write a book.

Ashley said...

I can't remember all of my responses but here are some:

NO-you should not disallow sunbeams from coloring--they HAVE to color!

You're right, cavities should not have ridges; go back to your dentist and tell him to file it down so that it matches your bottom teeth.

Agreed about those damn tea party nut-heads and Glen Beck cult followers.

Ha ha about Austin Collie. He didn't have a great game.

And maybe all of these random thoughts are why you can't sleep at night--which reminds me that I need to send you the most hilarious forward; I am usually morally opposed to forwards, but you will like this one. Take a Unisom.

lauren said...

kenna, though i would love to write one someday, i have NO IDEA what i would write about.

ash, i think i would like unisom WAY too much. kinda like how i love tylenol pm and nyquil way too much.