Thursday, February 4, 2010

My apologies, dear tooth

I knew there was a distinct probability that it would happen some day.

It was a nagging worry buried in the deep recesses of my brain.

Every six months I would lay back in the padded chair and wait.
And hope.

And every time my fears were unwarranted.
Until today.

Today I broke my 25 year, 253 day streak of not having a cavity.

I am bit devastated.
(I mean, that's an impressive run, yeah?
Almost 26 years old and no cavities.
Not even in baby teeth.)

I remember having a conversation with my dentist when I first went in two years ago. About how I had an irrational fear of getting a cavity. He said, "You have great teeth. If you haven't had a cavity at this point, and you keep up your habits, you will probably never have one." [Liar, liar, pants on fire.]

So I continued to brush religiously and meticulously and even began to floss on a regular basis. (Shocking, I know.) I was fairly confident that my regimen would stand the test of time, and that my pearly whites would be spared from such agony.

But maybe I always knew it was inevitable.

Remember how I hate needles? So I just had the dentist drill right in. (It was just a tiny little cavity, after all.) But then he started hitting the nerve, and I couldn't stop myself from flinching. So I had to be numbed. It was more his choice then mine.

Remember how I really, REALLY hate needles?

The shots were actually worse than the initial pain... well shot number two was. Why in the world does the dentist have to give you two shots? And why in the world does he have to leave the needle in for the better part of a minute? And why does he have to go so close to a nerve? Why does he have to hit the nerve?

Dentists, I decided, are kind of sadistic.
(Seriously, think about it.)

I'm such a novice at this whole cavity thing, that I had no idea that they had abolished metal fillings. I was so pleased and felt so special that mine was one of those "new kind of fillings." Except I have the impression that they aren't so new anymore. My bad. Thank heavens for technology.

So there you have it. Today, I mourn the loss of part of my back right bottom molar. To it I would like to say the following:

Dear Toothie,

I sincerely apologize for your pain and suffering. It wasn't really fun for me either. Let's still be friends, ok?



Kenna said...

you are nice, apologizing to your tooth.

i would tell my tooth to stick it! dirty bastard, getting a cavity and ruining your life, boo.

boo, cavities.

boo, dentists.


sara said...

dang girl. i used to have like eight at a time when i was younger. weak enamel. not my fault? now i've been going strong since my pre-mish days. but nonetheless, i'm freaking impressed with your streak.

you're the winner.