Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February, you are a dirty, dirty temptress

I know I am one of many when I say that I often get swept away in the doldrums of January-- the bleak, cold and mostly dreary weather that seems to seep into my bones and brain and leaves me practically pleading for a sunny beach. Any sunny beach.

Let's be honest... January can be miserable.

But isn't February a bit worse?

Let me explain a bit. I think most people expect January to be kind of crappy. If you live in the Beehive State you can expect some smogerific smog, with its subsequent hazy and toxic presence clouding even the sunniest of dispositions. You also get a lot of cold weather without the beauty of snow. (Granted, I don't even enjoy snow all that much... but if it's cold it should at least look pretty outside, no?) So you finally get through January, and in comes February, with its false signs of Spring. It gets warm enough so you keep your coat in the car... you start hearing the birds chirping... and the air begins to dampen with the fresh scent of Spring...

and then it SNOWS. A. LOT.

Then the snow subsides and temperature teases you into thinking that this time, it is truly almost Spring.

Then it snows again. A. LOT.

March comes and is typically more Winter than Spring, and this propensity creeps into April as well. With nary a temperature as pleasant as was present in February.

Which is why I think that February is a dirty, dirty temptress.
(It's making me crave Spring.)


Shannon said...

Which is why it's a good thing February is such a short month. And why they put Valentine's Day in this month. Love always brightens things up a bit.

Tori said...

You know...I was born in February. Guess that's why I'M a dirty, dirty temptress.

sara said...