Monday, August 17, 2009

There is a certain man who stands on the corner across from where I work, and holds up a certain sign:

"Why lie? I just want beer."

{insert photo of scraggly, long-haired man in flannel with a cardboard sign}

Gotta respect his honesty.
Or something.


Shannon said...

Oh sheesh. Chalk a point up for creativity. I guess. Although I've seen that same sign multiple times here in the golden state. Someone is piggy-backing off of another whino's genius...these people should be creative writers for advertising.

Kimba said...

That makes me want to scream.

Jane said...

Lauren, I actually have a picture of said beer-wanting man. Shall I email it to you? I was almost killed in the process of taking the photo, so enjoy. -Jane

lauren said...

emailing me that photo would make my day. because then i can post it on the blog. i thought i might get killed if i tried to take one myself.