Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I envisioned it would be something like this.

At my previous place of employment there were days when I envisioned how I would leave, when the time came. By nature, I am a very loyal and trusting person, which is probably why my desired exit strategy never came to be, and in hindsight, it probably would not have been the best for me career-wise either. But when I came upon this post today, I was reminded of my former desires, and decided that I would share my vision with the masses.

It's simple really. One day I would just walk out. Take my personal files with me. Wipe my email clean. Quietly clear my desk. Send the HR lady an email. And just go.

{A Jennifer Aniston approach circa Office Space would also be hilarious... though probably better suited for my college job.}

You may be wondering why I ever contemplated such an exit, and the reasons for it I have alluded to and briefly touched on, but no longer feel it prudent to dwell upon. Though I didn't get to leave on my terms, I am so glad that I did leave and that I have the job I have now.

That's better than any exit strategy I could ever dream up.

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Stacey said...

Your exit strategy would have felt quite satisfying! It's nice too when things fall into place so perfectly.

Kenna said...

At my previous place of employment I was miserable. My exit strategy was not as methodical as yours.

I figured I would say, 'Screw you all!' and then pull a GOB Bluth and tip my desk over with everything on it.

Or something like that...