Friday, August 22, 2008

back again

from newport this time. compliments of g's dad and stepmom. and since i know some of you are all about the pictures, i decided to provide some. just this once.

and, for the record, i'm not ready to be back. just fyi.

doing what i do best

realizing i'm not 16 anymore

for cuuuuute

baywatch moment?

the newport beach LDS temple... beautiful

don't worry, that's just our niece

just a lil beach volleyball

g should be in the olympics


Kimba said...

Mmm...I've been longing for a weekend with nothing to do so that I can head down to Santa Cruz and chill on the beach! Looks lovely, and again, how great is Newport?!

Kenna said...

Pictures, shocker!

I admit I'm green with envy. I'm pretty sure though if I went to the beach now, I would never, EVER return.

I wouldn't feel bad about it either.

Natalie Carver said...

Oh how fun! I love pics, you should do it more often! ha ha You and Greg look like you had a lot of fun! I hate coming back from vacation when you arent ready too!

Brad & Britt said...

beach.....sounds soo fun! Were you even able to breathe with the towels over you like that?! ahah! You kill me.

Jimmy and Lindsey said...

Hey guys we put our blog to private a while ago and didn't get everyone added. If you want an add send an e-mail to!