Monday, June 30, 2008

"I think we have some JNCOS in the back..."

Ah dating. I don't miss it. Not even a little bit. Not even at all. I remember a specific instance that happened a few months before Greg and I started dating. I was on some stupid date at the Gateway, and my lame date insisted on going into the Lucky store (barf) because he wanted to try on some pants. EEK.

Lucky Employee: "Can I help you guys with something?"

Stupid Date: "Yeah, I'd like to try on some pants. Can you tell me where the sales rack is?" (HAHAHAHAHAHA)

The girl takes us back to the sale rack. SD chooses a couple pairs of wide-legged pair size 35. (Which, might I add, were about two sizes too big for him.)

LE: (while SD is in the dressing room) "So you got those shoes from Haight huh?"

Me: "Why yes I did."

LE: "I used to work there and I love those shoes."

Me: "I know right? I like the fact they're so unique..."

SD: (interrupting as he comes out in one of the horrible pairs of jeans) "So these are a little snug, do you have anything bigger?"

LE: "I think we have some JNCOS in the back."

I inadvertently burst out laughing. SD doesn't get it.

[Thank HEAVEN I married Greg. He has lovely pants that fit.]



Andrew and Maren said...

Hilarious! You dated a winner...

Kimba said...

I totally had to look those up. I'm with you, I can't STAND that look. It seems as if it's more about defying gravity than anything else. Ridiculous. Thank heavens for the men out there with sensible heads.