Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The stupid things people say

Though I appreciate my current occupation, I do not appreciate the stereotypes that go with it. Many might wonder what college graduate in their right mind would take the position of administrative assistant... well money, for one. And I needed a job. The ad world seemed quite interesting; I wanted to learn something new.

Anyway, it's almost two years later and yup, I'm still here, at the front desk. I have my reasons. (Among which include my fantastic employers/coworkers and the great campaigns I've been able to help on-- SLC Marathon anyone?) But what I loathe more than anything in this world is when people make assumptions about me and assume that because I am at the front desk, I am not intelligent. Or that I'm just a receptionist (aka one who answers phones and does nothing else of value; if people only knew all that I do). Some people say really asinine things. Here's a short list.

"So do you stay here all day?"

"You went to college?" "How long did you go? "Wait, you graduated?"

"I bet you're really great at Solitaire."

"I wish I had your job; I'd love to sit around and do nothing all day."

"Well aren't you just the best receptionist." (Said heavy laden with condescension.)

"There are plenty of girls in our office who do what you do, so I can understand why you'd be confused."

I think I will stop there. You all get the idea. I have said before that I hate it when people think I'm stupid, because I'm pretty sure I'm not stupid. Not totally, anyway. And I know better than to say "irregardless," which practice is apparently more common than I thought. Hmm.


Kenna said...

I concur.

Some of my favorites

'Wait, you are a personal assistant? So you personally assist?'

'If the most important thing on my list today was 'Pick up latte and dry cleaning' I would feel used.'

'You have my dream job! I would love to do nothing all day.'

'Book flights? Like that's hard?'

'What does microbiology have to do with what you do?'

' wonder you are able to blog every day, it's not like there is anything pressing in your schedule...'


lauren said...

kind of feels like you're taking crazy pills on a daily basis huh?

Eliza said...

aaah yes, and now I get that as a full-time mother from random people.

"You're lucky you just get to stay home all day and do nothing"

"Why would you be tired, you're only watching a kid?"

Or other such lovelies of the same sort. Some people are just SMRT-smart ;-D

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Oy. How many of these were from the mouth of ONE individual? And can I guess who? :)

I seem to recall a certain query about the runners' responsibilities one day... "So if I need, like, a Mt. Dew I just have one of them run out and get it for me?" Yeah, dude. If you want them to punch you in the teeth when they bring it back.