Thursday, May 15, 2008

lower case letters and another playlist

lately, i'm a bit disheartened by my lackadaisical and disjointed writing. i miss the intense pleasure that i used to feel when i just knew i had written something brilliant, something unique, something that would hands down get me an a. while i enjoy this blog and find it very therapeutic, i am sometimes shocked at my inability to find the right words for what i want to say, that i get a glimmer of a brilliant idea that's gone faster than it came. it's befuddling, really. and you are all probably begging for greg to write another post. because that post about the rat was hilarious. thoroughly hilarious.

anyway, enough of my little rant... i am posting another playlist, markedly different from its predecessor, to show that i indeed like more that just hip-hop music. and because, let's be honest, i can't write to save my life today. so enjoy!

1. since we last spoke- rjd2
2. girl and the sea- the presets
3. don't cry out- shiny toy guns
4. silver lining- rilo kiley
5. phenomenon- yeah yeah yeahs
6. rock & roll- the sounds
7. extreme ways- moby
8. right here, right now- fatboy slim


Shannon & Ryan said...

Well, I honestly think your writing is fabulous. And I check your blog often. I love your honesty, your sarcasm, and your tender heart. No wonder you and Kenna are friends. So thanks for not going private on all your faithful blog stalkers :)

Josh & Kenna said...


Shan, you rock.

Lauren, you rock.

I rock because my friends rock.

What would I do without you guys?!