Tuesday, May 13, 2008

an energetic playlist for those who have no access to caffeine

i am writing this in all lower case as an homage to my former emailing style. now that i have auto correct, i lose the brilliance of this form of communication. i like lower case letters; they're unassuming, they're unintimidating. anyway, i'm sitting at work and am thinking about the songs i would like to be listening to if i were allowed to listen to music. it's pretty hip-hopish, but are you really surprised? i'm not.

1. 4 minutes- madonna featuring justin timberlake and timbaland
2. fire- 50 cent featuring young buck and nicole scherzinger
3. stronger- kanye west
4. picture me rollin'- 2pac
5. rosa parks- outkast
6. kick, push- lupe fiasco
7. stand up- ludacris
8. headsprung- ll cool j
9. tricky- run dmc

okay, that'll do for now. and just fyi to all of you self-proclaimed and probably ill-informed indie music snobs, yeah i like that kind of music too, but it's not gonna keep me going at work ok? i likes me some hip-hop. and i don't care who knows it.

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Josh & Kenna said...

Let's be honest, if anyone is obsessed with music it's me. So, if you are going to share some tunage, count me in! I'm not a fan of all your wonderful picks, but I will say that 4 minutes, Stronger, and Rosa Parks are all on my ipod and I am listening to them as we speak, or I type. Please continue to share your music genius. I think there are lots of people out in the blogging world that will benefit from it.

Now where did my coke go...