Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The joys of haircuts, scarves, food, sun, the po-po and reminiscence

Our little weekend jaunt to the LV proved to just what we needed. We've both been working hard (especially Gregory) so it was nice to recoup a bit and have some fun.

First of all, the weather was fabulous... mid 80s in the day, mid 60s at night... YAYA. Plus, the new shopping mall at the south end of the strip is phenom. Best H&M ever. AND a Sephora. For reals. I got my hair did by my amazingly talented, newly-promoted sister. And yes, I have fringe. Straight across my forehead. And I like it. If you're ever at Mandalay Place, go to the Robert Cromeans salon and ask for Biz and Mark, they're the best. And then stop by the Urban after... because let's be honest, there's always something great at Urban.

We happened to frequent the Mandalay Bay casino this weekend, eating at the Border Grille (muy bueno) and RM Seafood (arguably the BEST sushi I have ever had... a shout out to Ryan, the sushi chef who hooked us up). It was a nice little jaunt to the end of the strip that enabled us to get in and out of downtown quite speedily. Oh, the joys of staying in Summerlin...

We went on a great hike up at Red Rock and totes saw a rattlesnake. And flowers. In the desert. GREAT. The weather was perfect and, I won't lie, I did not want to come back to the bipolar weather that is April in Utah. I was seriously at my wit's end before this trip, so I hope this Vegas respite will sustain me until the weather becomes consistent.

On the way home we visited my bro in St. George (who gets his mission call next week... yay), and managed to get pulled over in Fillmore. Luckily, Greg has great ticket karma and only got a warning. (Yay for defective police-issue laptops.) In all, we had a blast, and I am so glad that my husband is also my best friend, because we have a lot of fun together.

Anyway, yesterday was one of those glorious (and apparently rare) spring days that reminded me of my days in Provs, driving with windows down, sipping a Pomegranate Blueberry Naked, listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at full volume. Bliss I tell you, BLISS. I met a dear friend for dinner and we sat outside. SO nice. Plus, I've decided I'm a lot more apt to wake up in the morning if it's a beautiful and warm day.

Oh yeah, just an update: Celtic Woman tour buses, still in the Sheraton parking lot. Homeless guy's puke, still on the asphalt. Me, still doing the data entry I've been doing for months (I'm approaching 3,000 on this particular sheet), but with pukeless shoes.


Josh & Kenna said...

Vegas always is the right choice I think.

Jana B. said...

that sounds positively divine. i've gotta get me some of those... all of it. glad to hear about the fringe. can't wait to see it. and you deserve a great husband/best friend because you are great and i wouldn't allow anything less for my lovely lauren.

Kimba said...

So I found your blog via Kristy. Hi! :) Your Vegas trip sounds awesome, ya gotta love that place. Minus the smoke, of course.

CHUNTZ said...

Lauren,I wish you had a TV show! I would watch you every week, tevo you and then invite friends over to have Lauren parties! You spaze!

Kelly and Stacey said...

We want to see a picture of your new do.