Monday, April 28, 2008


So I get to work this morning and our normal parking is taped off and there's four or five huge tour buses in the cordoned off space. Apparently, the illustrious group, Celtic Woman (which doesn't really make sense to me because it's allegedly a group of four women and a fiddler), is staying at the equally illustrious Sheraton. Which would then denote, of course, the commandeering of our precious parking spots.

So that's why I stepped in some homeless guy's throw-up this morning. Celtic Woman is in town. My Steve Maddens and I are so happy about that. He hee.


Ashley said...

Come on Lauren, no you're not. I mean, really, let's be honest. Stepping in some homeless guy's throw up is the LAST thing you and your precious shoes serious.

Josh & Kenna said...

Um, confession: I friggin' love Celtic Woman. I know, I know...emo/aleternative Kenna has an odd Irish side.

BACK OFF. I am Irish. It runs deep.