Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some random thoughts from the drive home today

Is that creepy guy gonna jump in front of my car as I try to exit the parking lot?

I still smell like Bajio, but lunch was real tasty.

Greg's hot.

If you switched the numerical order of the current temperature outside, it would be 84 degrees instead of 48.

I like flowery trees. And tulips. Preferably both.

It's May tomorrow.

Slow drivers suck.

My husband is And HOT.

I wonder if that puke is still in the parking lot.

Tomorrow's Thursday.

I think I'll wear my other new scarf tomorrow.

I'm sure you left your cellular device on vibrate in your purse again... sorry mom, I tried.

I wonder how far I could throw a softball these days.

I really wanted to run that yellow light.

I wonder if the freeway would've been faster.

Why are there so many cars on Orchard Drive?

Is the commuter rail really cost effective? Let's calculate this...

Why is it that the term "receptionist" is so much more offensive than "administrative assistant?"

I like the word "eff." It's awkward and amazing all at the same time. And much better when typed in some form or another.

How long have I been chewing this gum?

Yay for Greg making a yummy dinner... I hope it's pasta.

My poor Yankees.

I loathe Hankenstein.

I wonder if the Jazz are gonna choke.

I need to buy Juno.

What if the hokey pokey IS what it's all about?


That's what she said.

Your mom.

Homie don't play 'dat.


Ashley said...

All in a day's work. Way to not let your brain be idle.

Josh & Kenna said...