Friday, October 26, 2012

Miles to go before I sleep

Today, I decide to peruse the blog archives and comb over the various drafts that pepper the published posts. I deleted a few, and came across the following below, written back in March of this year...

This morning, I woke up before the sun (which is really not that early these days, but doesn't it feel like it anyway?) to get ready for a meeting. In said meeting, I managed to slice open my palm with the enormous chuck of loose papers that are currently residing in my pad-folio, so part of the next two minutes involved my clandestine attempt to curb the bleeding whilst still writing notes. I came home, changed out of my business clothes and began my day of working and mom-ing with my thoroughly adorable, but teething, daughter. Daughter decides to claw my face, and so now my chin and my hand have similar-looking cuts. Who knew working and mom-ing could be so violent?

I have a point, btw.

Lately, I have never felt so tired and so fragmented. I'm not complaining, mind you, since I am really blessed to have a beautiful child, a wonderful husband and a fantastic job. However, all of the wonderfulness is kind of pretty much completely exhausting. I find my mental acuity waning and my emotions waxing. I've developed what I call a "tender mother heart" which means I apparently can cry about anything terrible, precious or terribly precious. I've also developed what I call a "contiguous brain fart." (Hey, those two things I just mentioned rhymed. Unintentionally, might I add.)

I wanted to publish this, not only to remind myself why I made the choice I made (especially on the days where I really miss my amazing job), but to also remind myself that life will always be filled with a juxtaposition of emotions and events.

Plus, it helped stave my craving to post about something political. Because we all know how well that turned out four years ago. Ahem.

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