Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shift Happens

* Warning: this post contains a certain word that some may deem offensive, but that I happen to love. (No judging.) And that happens to be entirely pertinent to the story. Just fyi. * 

I've mentioned before that my job tends skew to the stressful side of the scale. This has never been more true than in the last month, wherein I have received an amazing career opportunity (yay for me and my bad self... or should I say, my bad self and me) but I have still been responsible for everything I was responsible for before. Ergo, I am literally working two jobs right now. Ergo, my brain is feeling just a teensy, weensy bit fried.

Which would explain the teensy, weensy spelling error that happened to infiltrate its way into an email update that I send out every week:

"Motorists... will experience a traffic shit around the closure..."


I think the worst part was that I didn't find out about this innocuous little error until Monday, when I received an affable email notifying me of the typo. Curse that little "f" key. I think he didn't type on purpose. Or it could be that I had about 2.7 seconds to write that update, and was perhaps typing a bit too fast.

Either way, sometimes shift just happens I guess.


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Awesome. So, so awesome. When I was interning for our university's PR/marketing office, we had a funny chat one day about epic typos. One of my favorites was when our PR director mistakenly left the "l" out of "public" in "public relations." My typo seems to be EVERY time I type the name Chris. I struggle to not add a "t" at the end. And I've definitely sent emails to strangers essentially addressing them as the Messiah.

Shannon said...

oh lauren, this will be funny for the rest of your life. and i laughed at your friend's comment above, too. the one typo that comes to mind (i haven't personally experienced this particular one) is changing the "g" in regards to a "t". hey, it happens. if only you had been typing it on your iphone and then you could have the disclaimer at the bottom. maybe we should all just add that.
but you've received a promotion???? this is AWESOME! congrats, congrats! and may you survive during the transition. you can do it. because you're awesome like that.

The Osborn Family said...

Pretty funny. I'm laughing out loud! Newport was fun, I'm glad we get to see you and that cute bump again in just a few more weeks!