Friday, May 27, 2011


27 years old. 27 weeks pregnant. Birthday post written on the 27th. (Okay, admittedly, that last once is a bit of a stretch.) Coincidence? Fate?

This year, my amazeballs husband surprised me with a delicious birthday breakfast feast, consisting of whole wheat blueberry pancakes, hash browns, bacon and blueberry sausage. Behold the glorious meal below:

Birthday breakfasts were a big deal in my house growing up, so this was a fun way to start my birthday. The husb also came through with a thoroughly thoughtful gift that will be perfect to have as we start to document our growing fam. I was totally surprised and pleased by this wonderful present.

Work also provided another surprise, which involved a rendition of "Happy Birthday" (which was slightly embarrassing) and some yummy chocolate cake during one of my meetings. Just fyi, chocolate cake makes meetings better. Trust me on this one.

The evening was spent at a local favorite establishment followed by a quiet night at home. All with my favoritest person. Not to mention all of the calls, texts, fb and b-day card love I received throughout the day.

Thus, in all, I'd say it was a lovely 27th birthday.


Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

Happy (late) Birthday! Glad you had a good day. You are going to love that camera! We have one and are really impressed with it.

Jane said...

Happy happy! Loved celebrating with you Friday.