Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I want your love and I want your... robot

I won't lie, this Halloween was pretty Halloweenish, if you catch my drift. There were parties (3) and a work event that all demanded Halloween costume excellence. (You may have already read my costume post here, if so, I apologize if you've read some of this before.)

At any rate, in August, I came across the perfect Lady Gaga wig, and I just had to buy it. I knew this costume wouldn't be the most original idea in the world, so I thought it would be key to find a more obscure look that I could mimic. When I stumbled across the all-black look in the "Bad Romance" video, I knew I had a winner.

So I bought some items from F21 and made myself a wicked-cool crown out of black poster board and black lace. (And yes, it is the most crafty thing I've ever done to date.)

The husb decided to use one of our favorite television shows for his inspiration:

He got a couple of boxes, some aluminum foil and construction paper, and had a lot of fun with silver spray paint. 

Consequently, we became Lady Gaga and her robot, which in my opinion, kinda really worked.

We got to hang out with lots of friends who also had fabulous costumes.


And in all, we had a great Halloween. Hope you all did too!


Kimba said...

those are super fun costumes! that wig IS fantastic. and the robot - hilarious.

Lindsey Wing said...

You guys look awesome. I need to show Jim the picture of Greg's costume. He LOVES Flight of the Conchords! Great episode too. :)

Trev and Kate said...

Great photos, I love the costumes! You two are always so fun and creative for Halloween.