Friday, September 10, 2010

The Homecoming

On August 5, my brother returned home from his LDS mission in Goiania, Brazil. He was gone for two years, and the only contact he had with anyone from home was through weekly emails and a call home to the family on Christmas Day and Mother's Day. I won't lie, I missed him a whole lot. And even though he got home and then headed right down to school, it's great to have him home.

As is the custom with returning missionaries, Joe gave a talk in church and also reported on his mission. He did a really great job. I just kept thinking about how mature and grown up he is. He left a kid and came back an adult. Kind of crazy, but really, really wonderful at the same time. Welcome home, bro!


Shannon said...

Awe, I love the picture of all of you guys together again. Your littlest bro looks related to gregory.

i miss chatting with you...we need to catch up.

Julie said...

Lauren I am loving your hair! So dark and pretty. Glad Joe is home..... saw him at church before we left and he looked darling. Hope all is well for you guys.