Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I voted.

And I was the only one at the polls. A little bit sad, to be sure... but I guess the primaries aren't as sexy as the general election.
Might I add that I think it's an epic fail on the Republicans' part to not have their primary open. Us Independents like to have a voice on both sides of the fence insofar as the primaries are concerned. Shrug. 

P to the S... Today marks my one year anniversary at my current place of employment. In many ways the time has flown; in others, it feels like I've been here much longer (in a good way). So yay for voting and for working. Here's to a lovely Tuesday.


Shannon said...

I'm proud to be your friend.
And happy work anniversary!

dignan said...

As far as the Repubs not being open... barf (too vulgar?)! I would consider myself somewhat independent, even though I tend to lean to the right, and the closed or un-anonymous as I like to call them make me want to pull the neck of my shirt up around my mouth just below my eyes... like when something smells but your hands are occupied and can't afford to be pinching some nose. It stinks. It stinks bad enough to look stupid. Does that make sense? It did in my head... sorry for the long commenta!