Monday, January 11, 2010

An Education at the Tower

This weekend, husband and I jetted over to the Tower Theater to catch this little gem, which we've been wanting to see for ages.

Carey Mulligan shines as Jenny... and the plot is as unpredictable as it is charming. If you're late to the game like we were, we highly encourage and suggest seeing this film. We'll even go see it again with you.

And just a little note on the theater itself, we were completely enraptured with its shabby chicness. It's been there for ages and has a little screen, but is so charming with its architectural details and retro-feel. And they still use film there, which is a fun twist on contemporary film watching. We will definitely return for more.

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Lindsey Wing said...

I recall this having extremely high reviews. It is always nice to have a recommendation from a non-critic though! :) Jim and I may have to stop by the Tower Theater soon!