Monday, October 5, 2009

Some thoughts...

To the one I love most:
Thanks for making me the most amazing grilled cheese I have ever had the pleasure of eating. That day was a rough day, so the cheesy deliciousness that oozed out of the perfectly toasted bread was the highlight of my day. Oh yeah, and thanks for giving me yours so I could have two. I love you.

To our noisy neighbors that share our bedroom wall:
Please cease to loudly converse about fantasy football at 1:30 am. Not only do I not care about Brett Favre (I could write a whole other post on the stupidity of the spelling v. pronunciation of the aforementioned athlete's name, but I will refrain), I care even less about whether or not he's an asset to your "team." Maybe next time I will yell something to the effect of "be quiet," though it will most likely not be those words verbatim and there just may be some not-so-nice words intermixed.

To Mondays in general:
Please try to be a little more pleasant and a little less jarring, okay? Just a request.

To cold weather:
I really don't like you. I really wish you'd go away.

To General Conference:
Thanks for the spiritual refill. I really needed it.


Eliza said...

Aw, that's very sweet that he gave you his sandwich too.

Kenna said...

I told the cold weather to go to hell where it belongs this morning.

It is sweet that he gave you his sandwich. Josh would have looked me in the eye, pretended to give it to me, then shove it in his mouth.

Shannon said...

Mmmm. Grilled cheese.
I laughed at the 1:30 a.m. fantasy football convo. What? I thought everyone talked about Favre at this time of night...(just kidding. I don't even know who that is.)
I hope your Tuesday makes up for your Monday. Double grilled cheese style.