Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brandon Flowers, I salute you.

I think that most of us have a list of sorts, consisting of performers who we absolutely, unequivocally need to see sometime in the course of our lives. While I have been lucky enough to see most on my list, there was one band I had yet to see...

The Killers.

And I'm pretty sure my husband is right there with me on this one. Consequently, we have been anxiously awaiting this concert for months now, having procured our tickets back in May, longingly awaiting September 26, where we would finally get to see this phenomenal band perform live.

We were not disappointed.

I have to say that this performance is officially in my top three, which is accompanied by Radiohead and Coldplay; I think I might have to claim a three-way tie for my most favorite concert ever.

Brandon Flowers is incredible. (And personally I think he looks like a brown-haired Greg, so that just ups his appeal in my mind.) His voice is off the chart... and he puts such energy into his performances. During "All These Things That I've Done" confetti shot into the air and fluttered back to the earth like flicks of glitter... and during the finale, "When You Were Young," flames shot up from the stage and sparks showered down. It was glam rock at its finest, and I was enthralled from beginning to end. I think the stripped down version of "Smile Like You Mean It" was one of my favorite moments, along with Flowers' impromptu serenade of "Can't Help Falling in Love With You." We were so close that we could see how much fun the band was having during the performance. Flowers kept grinning at his band mates, almost as if to say "hey, I love what I'm doing and I actually get paid to do it."

We can't wait until they come again.


Lindsey Wing said...

I love the Killers, and especially Mr. Flowers! :) You are very lucky!

Abby said...

I wish there was just a 'jealous' button somewhere on this post that I could click.

Get on that, wouldya?

Kenna said...

I'm oh so jealous. You know how I love a good concert.


Whitney said...

oh my gosh i kid you not when i say they are on my list too and i haven't seen them yet. i am so jealous!! but also so happy to hear they were as amazing as i expect them to be! they were at the coldplay concert i went to in vegas and brandon did a duet with chris and i was in heaven! i can't wait to see them now!
ps- is it pathetic i got chills reading this post?