Friday, August 7, 2009

The other day, I was so out of it, I put sugar on my Honey Nut Cheerios...

and then I wondered why they tasted so funny. {Why I thought they were plain Cheerios, I still don't know. I haven't had those in years.}

It took me until the next day to figure it out, btw.

Today would have been my third anniversary at my former place of employment. And though I am a bit put out that I won't receive my three year bonus (however paltry it might have been... which is pretty dang paltry) I'm much happier at this place of employment, where people actually care if I am happy and taken care of and where I'm recognized and praised for working my tail off. I'll be thoroughly honest when I say that I have never really had that in any job I have had (beyond high school, that is). And it feels nice.

For the last month-ish, I have been craving a shake. Any shake, really. Sometimes a mint oreo one sounds sublime, and others, I would love something simple like a nice raspberry with chunks of raspberries in it. {Perhaps our trip up to Bear Lake this weekend will help me at last satiate this craving.}

I am excited to help one of my besties with this project. It's something we've been brainstorming about for awhile, and I think it has the potential to be really important and great. So if you're interested, please contact Kenna.

And now, I must leave this random and disjointed post, but not before I wish you all a lovely weekend. {And maybs I will dust off the old Holga and snap some Bear Lake shots this weekend. And maybs one of them might actually turn out cool. Maybs.}


Aaron and Ashley Walker said...

I am eating a mint oreo shake right now and it is delicious. Have fun in Bear Lake!

cfarr said...

TonyBurgers in Centerville is advertising fresh raspberry shakes while they last, if you are in the area or even if you aren't ;)