Monday, June 29, 2009

So maybe I had a bit of a meltdown....

it's inexplicable really. I really don't understand why I put so much pressure on myself-- why I allow myself to become so frustrated sometimes. (And remember, lately said frustration is accompanied by tears... which frustrates me even more... thus more tears.)

There was this one time in high school that I got so stressed out about something, I literally threw up. (And, for the record, I have a highly irrational fear of throwing up. So it made it all the more traumatic.)

It only happened that one time, but I'm thinking that the reason why my stomach feels so queasy today is a product of the same kind of thing. Oh how our minds do interesting things sometimes.

Perhaps my Luna bar today contained some extra estrogen or something. Because the waterworks have been going full force since this morning, which is frustrating me to no end.

This reaction makes me feel ungrateful and incapable. I know it will pass... but in the mean time... will I be able to hold it together? I certainly hope so.

So glad my temporary office is enclosed.


Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

Oh I'm sorry, friend. Whatever has you so frustrated, will pass. It takes time to get in a new routine w/a new job. And the Ad/PR world has a learning curve, and you will master it. Keep your head up.

Julie said...

hhhhhmmmmm preggers maybe? :) just playin, feel better. Go get a pedicure or buy a new bag. Makes me feel better. Always.

Erin said...

yeah i think it's hormones and you might be preggers. haha jk

Abby said...

Starting a new job ALWAYS sucks. In six months time you will have everything down and you'll look back and wonder what all the stress was for.