Monday, May 11, 2009

This week's venture: three truths and one lie

One of my favoritest bloggers, cjane, came up with the brilliant idea to enact the "three truths and one lie" game on her blog. Since I am currently out of town, I thought it would be an excellent time to personally try this out (you know, because I can write these ahead of time and schedule when they're to be published), instead of not posting all week.

The rules:

From Monday to Thursday, I will post four stories about my life, one per day. Three of them will be the "I may just wish I was kidding but am totally serious" truth, and one will be an outright lie. On Friday, you will be able to vote for which story you think is fictional. I will reveal my lie the following Monday.

{P.S. Some of you may already know one or two of these stories, and if you do, please go along with the fun and not share your knowledge with others. I want this to be something interactive and fun for all my bloggity friends.}

Story One: Officer Hottie

For a number of years, at Christmastime, my dad's side of the family gathered at a little restaurant down in the P-town called La Dolce Vita, to celebrate the season and get together as a family. Thrown by my grandpa and step-grandma, it was always a time filled with pasta, pizza and presents... completely worth the sojourn down south.

On one such year, my parents allowed my sister and me to drive down there separately, in my glorious champagne Geo Prism, affectionately named "The G Dogg." We were quite excited for the opportunity, for we could listen to the music of our choosing and chat about stuff we didn't necessarily want our parents to overhear. Plus, I was seventeen, so driving was still fun and new to me. And it wasn't every day I got to drive on the freeway. {You know, when the freeway was still a little bit dangerous and exciting?}

After a great evening of festivities, we waddled back to my car, stuffed to the brim with more Italian food than one should ever eat in one sitting. Anxious to get home to hang out with friends, I got on the freeway and started for home. After passing the point of the mountain, I decided to utilize the carpool lane, speeding along in my little car.

I felt sooo cool.

Until I saw the flashing lights in my rear view.

Panicked, I immediately pulled over to the left shoulder, out of the way of traffic, hoping that the police officer would pass me by.


Nervously, I remembered that my driver's license was tucked safely away in my wallet... which, unfortunately, was at home. The police officer was fast approaching.

Me: "Shna." {Which happened to be my euphemism of choice in those days. Just fyi.}
Sis: "What's the matter?"
Me: "I don't have my license."

We were then interrupted, for the officer had motioned for me to unroll my window. Which I did manually, because you bet your bottom dollar the Geo didn't have power windows. {Gosh I loved that car.}

I finally looked up at the officer... and saw one of the most attractive men I have ever seen. Seriously. We're talking tall, dark and handsome with flawless white teeth. Maybe he was a model posing as a cop. Maybe.

Officer: "Miss, do you know why I pulled you over?" {Well yeah, I was most definitely speeding.}
Me (still dazzled by his hotness): "Uhhhh, yes. I think I was probably driving a bit too fast. I'm so sorry."
Officer: "I actually clocked you at 87 miles per hour."
Me (genuinely shocked): "Seriously? I didn't think this car could go that fast." (nervous chuckle)

The officer chuckled a bit himself. {Could he honestly think I am funny? Puh-lease think I'm funny. And hot. And say that you want to marry me.}

Officer: Could I see your license and registration please?

Oh crap. Think of something, think of something.

I immediately reached over to retrieve my registration (whilst inadvertently shaking... I mean, I didn't have my license... I pulled over to the LEFT... the policeman was so HOT... ughhhh) and asked my sister to please look in my purse for my license. Puzzled, she played along and searched through my purse to "find" my license. I grabbed the purse out of her hands and frantically combed through it... and then gave the police officer the most contrite and concerned look I could muster. {It was about 99% genuine I'd say.}

Me: "I'm so sorry officer, I guess my license is in my other purse."

He asked me some personal info, took my registration, and said he'd be right back. While we were waiting, I saw my dad drive by (sheesh, I must have been SPEEDING) and he called to see if we were all right.

I was just embarrassed, I assure you.

About ten minutes later, Officer Hottie (oh yes, I had thought up a nickname in that lovely ten minutes of waiting) returned.

Officer: "So the good news is I'm not going to give you a ticket."

Say what?

Officer: "What I am going to give you is a citation for driving without your license. Don't worry, it won't go on your record. It's about $20 and basically is like a parking ticket."

Marry. Me Now.

Officer: "Oh yeah, and I printed off a copy of your license just in case you have any more problems. This is as good as the real thing. Feel free to merge back with traffic and continue in the carpool lane. Just slow down a little bit ok?" His smile looked like it belonged in a Crest commercial.

Still dazed, all I could muster was a thank you, and officer was gone. And, thanks to the fact that I didn't get a ticket, my parents weren't that mad at me when I got home.

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