Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Story Two: Will you marry me?

From Monday to Thursday, I will post four stories about my life, one per day. Three of them will be the "I may just wish I was kidding but am totally serious" truth, and one will be an outright lie. On Friday, you will be able to vote for which story you think is fictional. I will reveal my lie the following Monday.

{P.S. Some of you may already know one or two of these stories, and if you do, please go along with the fun and not share your knowledge with others. I want this to be something interactive and fun for all my bloggity friends.}

In college, I worked at a lovely restaurant that I will affectionately refer to as "The PF." I have lots and lots of random stories about my time serving there, but this one is one of the most random.

I met a lot of people whilst working there, and one such acquaintance I acquired was that of a certain... "prominent," shall we say, member of a certain athletic team of the college I attended. Maybe some super fans even went so far as to track him down after games and get their photo taken with him. It got pretty crazy sometimes, I won't lie.

Anyway, we were always just friends... he wasn't really my type (though I did have a friend try to set us up once... which is another story for another day) and I wasn't really his. So it worked out great for both of us. (I always liked relationships like that with boys. No pressure whatsoever. So lovely.) He'd come in fairly regularly (a lot of the time with "the team," because we always fed the sports teams the day before their home games) and he'd always be nice and come up to say hi and chat for a bit.

A perpetual bachelor, he (shockingly) started exclusively dating a lovely girl, who happened to be obsessed with our Caesar salad and breadtwists. Needless to say, they came in a lot. A. LOT. Oft times I would be their server, but not always. (I always felt weird about people requesting for me to be their server, call me crazy.) Which is why I surprised one evening to receive a text from my athlete friend.

Athlete Friend: "ru workin 2morrow nite?"
Me: "yup. my shift starts at 5. why? what's up?"
AF: "k good. were comin in 2morrow & i'm gonna need ur help wit somethin."
Me: "k. see ya tomorrow."

The next night, work was pretty busy. My section was full, so when the hostess came back to say that a table requested me (it was my friend and his girl and some other people) I had her put them in the back room so I could still serve them. Once they sat down, I took their drink order and went to the wait station to get them. A few seconds later my friend left the back room, telling his friends that he changed his mind about the drink and wanted to get it straightened out. (At least that's what he told me later.) He pulled me aside and asked if I was still, "down to help him out with somethin." I said of course, and to my surprise, he pulled out a ring.

AF: "I'm gonna propose to her tonight."
Me: "Oh wow, congrats. And good work on the ring." {It was really quite lovely, I won't lie.}
AF: "Thanks."
Me: "So what do you need me to do?"
AF: "Well, I was thinkin' that towards the end of dinner, you could come out with a Sundae or something, just out of the blue."
Me (thinking the perhaps he just wanted a free Sundae, but still willing to play along, since this was a special occasion): "Sure, no prob."

So, toward the end of the meal, I prepared a specialty Sundae, the likes of which the PF had never before or has since seen. I put extra scoops of ice cream atop an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that was fresh our of our oven. I garnished it with our homemade whipped cream and fudge sauce and caramel, and stuck spoons around the perimeter. I then brought out my masterpiece, my explanation being that we had a new, larger, specialty Sundae that we wanted customers to try out (hey, I'm not the best at lying on the fly ok?) and give their feedback. As the table dug into the delectable treat, my friend took a big bite, and summarily spilled it on his shirt. He excused himself to go clean up... and took a really long time. I was attending to some of my other tables, when I noticed him walking back to the back room clad in a suit, carrying a dozen roses. I snuck back just in time to see my friend get down on his knee and propose to his girlfriend.

She said yes, by the way.

And later, he actually paid me for the Sundae.


torileigh said...

I love those sundaes. mmmmmmm...

Ashley said...

I have still never been able to find an appropriate replacement for this delectable delight. My own comes close, but nothing quite like the perfectly wonderful description you gave.

Stacey said...

I want this to be true so bad.
I know I'm like way late for this game, but I just scrolled down and started reading, bypassing the results.

2 good stories so far.