Monday, May 18, 2009

My lie revealed

20% of you know your stuff.

Story one is TRUE.
I did in fact get pulled over by an amazingly hot police officer (though his hotness does not even remotely compare to my Greg's hotness) and everything I wrote about is completely true, absent license and all.

Story two is FALSE.
There were marriage proposals that took place in the restaurant where I worked (one involved a suit and flowers if my memory serves me correctly), but I never helped a friend propose with a sundae. I mean, it's kind of a risky venture, wouldn't you say? What if you spilled it on someone else? Shrug. (But I think it's important to mention that I do, in fact, make an incredible sundae... just fyi.)

Story three is TRUE.
Yup, I was in a short foreign film. And it was kind of sort of really embarrassing. (I'm shy remember?) It actually used to be on youtube, but I don't think it's there anymore. Perhaps one day I can track down a copy and share it with you all. Maybe.

Story four is TRUE.
Unfortunately. I am truly that spastic.

Thanks for those of you who voted. I thought it was kind of fun.


torileigh said...

oh well i know you!

Kenna said...


Come home please.

Stacey said...

Dang it, I really wanted that to be the true story. Mostly because that Sundae sounded oh so divine. I would like to see this foreign film, of yours, I bet it is fabulous. I love Cjane, and I totally guessed wrong on hers as well. I'm so bad at this. I'm glad you did this, it was fun, and you're a great story teller.

Jami said...

HaHA!I guessed right! We must be friends! Love your writing!