Monday, April 27, 2009

To twitter or not to twitter, that is the question.

Mmk, peeps, this is something I have been thinking about for awhile now. A lot of people I know and highly respect are avid Twitter users. But, for some reason, I just do not see the appeal of such a forum. I already write for three blogs and frequent my Facebook page... so why add Twitter into an already complicated mix? I really want to know your thoughts. If you really like it, why? And if it's not your cup of tea, why? My inquiring mind really wants to know. Grazie mille.


Kenna said...

I admit, while I do have a Twitter account, I don't use it often. I have it so I can text my blog my random thoughts when I'm not by a computer. You know, like the one time I was behind that old guy at Costco who was tossing boxes and boxes of Splenda into his cart... That was too funny to NOT text my blog.

When it comes to celebrities 'twitter fighting' and all that jazz, I just think it's ridiculous. Like you said, I already write on a couple blogs and frequent my facebook page...I just don't have the need or desire to be an avid twitter.

And, yeah, there is what I think.

mary elizabeth said...

yeah, i have mixed feelings about twitter. after debating forever about it, a few weeks back i signed up for one. and have sinced used it only once. i just don't care enough. i have several blogs, a tumblr account, + facebook. i don't need one more thing to add on top of the pile!

Liv said...

I don't know why I like Twitter so much. It is very much like txt msging and mini blogging.

I do like that it can post to my blog sidebar, so even if I don't feel like writing I can keep it a little updated. It also updates my FB status.

Plus, some ppl don't blog, but they do Twitter. So you can meet more people and establish more relationships by linking to your blog from your tweets.

The end.

Cami said...

I just don't understand why everyone has to stay so connected all the time. Blog's are fun because they are a journal with pictures that everyone can read...but you keep it to close friends or the occasional random blog stalking. Whateva.. But it's not all day, everyday, 24hrs. a day.
There is so much to keep up with Facebook, blogs, myspace, twitter, iphones. How does anyone have any time for each other!! I just don't think everyone needs to know what everyone is doing every second of the day.
I feel so bad for the girls who are still dating, they meet a guy hit it off and instead of asking her out or getting her number like normal people should do, now they just ask if they have a facebook they can check 'em out before they ever get to know them.
I just think its a little much and a bit impersonal.
Sorry for the rant. Ha ha. And those are my feelings...and I totally understand if everyone disagrees with me!