Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The reason why I have an aversion to vollyball nets

goes back almost 15 years, when, at the tender age of ten, I had a "run-in" of sorts with a certain volleyball net.

But let me back up a bit.

I was pretty much a girly-girl when I was little, and really, REALLY wanted to get my ears pierced. So my parents decided that I could get them pierced on my 10th birthday. When the auspicious day arrived, we went to Trolley Square and ate at Charlie Chow's (my favorite at the time) and got my ears pierced. I was absolutely ecstatic

A month or so later, we were having an extended family party to celebrate the April/May/June birthdays. It was held outside at a park, and after dinner and cake we all decided to play volleyball. Though I was, at the time, a girly-girl, I was also quite competitive.

I was playing on the front line (sorry if there's more of a technical volleyball term for it) right next to the net. A ball was coming at me, and I jumped up to hit it over the net.

And then I was caught.

I thought that perhaps I had caught my hair or a piece of clothing in the net, and wrenched around to pull myself off of it.

And then there was pain. And blood.

Because the thing that I had caught on the net was the month-old stud earring in my left ear. When I pulled myself away from the net, it ripped the earring out of my ear backwards, leaving a stud-sized hole in my ear. Luckily, my studs were pretty small (as were my earlobes) and so my mom just disinfected my ear and put the earring back in it. We also kept a constant eye on it to make sure it didn't get infected.

In time, my ear healed, though the hole in my left ear was quite low on my lobe, due to the fact that the weight of my stud set my "new" earring hole at the bottom of the bigger hole I had created when my stud was ripped out. There was no way to hold the stud in place to heal in a way that aligned with the original hole.

Which I didn't mind until I was 15, when my parents (finally) gave me permission to get a second hole piercing in my ears. I just wanted a second hole in my left ear, and not my right (because back then, that whole asymmetrical thing was totally in, I promise), which caused a bit of a problem because my first hole was so low. So they had to re-pierce my ear so that the second hole would be in line with the first hole. Thus, I had my left ear double-pierced that day.

That's the reason why I have three holes in my left ear. Shrug.

Moral of the story: don't wear earrings when you're playing volleyball.


Kenna said...

I remember how cool it was to have your ears pierced. I had 2 holes in both ears plus one up at the top of my ear. You know, that cool cuff you could wear, but I wasn't going to be lame and have a clip on, no way, it was ALL REAL baby.

Then I remember how the prophet said one set of earings is appropriate...and I didn't listen, at least not until 3 years later.

PS I hates volleyball.

Abby said...

or just don't play volleyball. I hate that sport. It always made my arms red. Plus, sometimes the ball would come at my head. It was the worst.

Julie said...

ouch! That sounds awful. Remember when we were playing Volleyball in YW's and Jessica Andrus had a big chunk of her hair ripped out by the net? I think that you were there, you might have been in the older class by then though.

Anyway, both of your stories have made me wary of volleyball nets!