Monday, February 9, 2009

Want to do some good for mankind?

For serious. For those of you that have been reading this for awhile, you may remember a post I wrote awhile back that discussed my experience in Uganda during the summer of 2006. I went there with a humanitarian organization called Reach the Children, and our goal as volunteers was to work side by side with our Ugandan brothers and sisters to create self-sustainable projects that would be maintained long after we (reluctantly) left them.

While we were there, we were able to teach school children about dental hygiene, sanitation and AIDS prevention. We helped till land for a garden for a school that was largely comprised of orphans. We went into hospitals and orphanages and helped distribute hygiene kits and blankets and other supplies. We provided funds for a latrine and a library. Among many other things. In short, it was an experience that is hard for me to articulate because it changed me so much.

This summer, RTC is venturing to beautiful Western Kenya. But they need volunteers.

I know this is not the most opportune time for most of us. The recession and other pressures and responsibilities encompass our time. But, if somehow you could do this, I would highly encourage you to do so. It will literally change the way you look at the world.

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