Monday, December 1, 2008

A question

The world that is blog has truly been an almost entirely positive addition to my life. I have been able to reconnect with friends and also meet new people, (some who, I am happy to say have become friends) who offer great advice, everything from where to buy cheaper beauty products, to book recommendations, etc. It's been fun for me to express myself in this unique forum, and to continue to (however horribly) write.

But sometimes I will be out in the blogosphere and read posts that seem to be direct responses to posts I have written; responses that are typically derogatory. Not saying I have a huge readership or whatever, and maybe the fact that something was written in seeming response to something I just wrote is merely an example of a Jungian-type connection between us all, some form of the "collective unconscious" or whatever. But sometimes I have to wonder.

Have any of you ever wondered the same thing?


Kenna said...

All the time.

Mine usually comes from 'family' blogs though, if you catch my drift.

Do I need to restock my blowdarts?

Katie said...


lauren said...

no blowdarts for now. though i may take you up on it later. especially if my week resembles the first three days of last week.

Blogdor said...

I swear I haven't liked Obama from the get go. My recent post was a continuation of that; it wasn't to revile you.

On another note, doesn't it make you feel a bit empowered? Like, "I'm so awesome and intimidating that people don't dare to directly engage me in coversation."

Shannon said...

No, I don't have that kind of clout...the most controversial thing I write about is my own disdain for government waiting lines. Way to be a leader, lady. If I were in your shoes, I would secretly be reveling in the fact that I wrote something that made some one take action. Now that is influence.

Abby said...

The only thing like this that I can think of that has ever happened to me actually has a name. It's called the Blog Tag.
I think that's the only time I have directly influenced a post on someone else's blog.

I do, however, sometimes think I'm being watched by the FBI. But that's another story.