Friday, November 7, 2008

Yet another reason why the homeless shelter should be moved to Siberia

Please see here for the horrendous act of violence that happened about 100 yards from where I park my car every day. In BROAD daylight. Across the street from the Courthouse, no less.

Can we move that shelter yet? Please?


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, Lauren. That is so scary. Seriously, we're talking worst nightmare ever. BE CAREFUL. And can I sign the petition to move the shelter? Put my name down. Thanks

torileigh said...

Scary, Lauren. Be careful.

Eliza said...

How completely horrible!! I think I would carry a whistle and spray just in case. Uck. I hope they catch the sicko ASAP. I agree, please be careful!

Time to Blog It Up! said...

Hey you, please be careful. I can't believe that others would not bother to help...sad! I would have to agree with you, lets move them all far away. Tamee

Blogdor said...

You know, I saw a man "With a dark complexion, an unkempt dark colored beard, collar length dark hair, wearing a dark baseball cap, dark colored 'Carhartt' style coat, yellow plaid flannel shirt and faded blue jeans." But he smelled pretty good, you know, like cologne. Good thing the police remembered to include that he had substantial body odor. Otherwise I would have turned the guy in.

You should request that your boss buy an office guard dog that walks everyone to their cars. Make sure it's one that can sniff out body odor too.

Or maybe you should get your CWP, since you live in Utah and all. You know, you still have 2nd Amendment rights. Hurry before Obama takes them away!

But really, that's pretty scary.