Monday, October 13, 2008

My meandering thoughts on a Monday morning

Monday. A word that instills a sense of loathing and dread in me that begins creeping into my consciousness every Sunday around 4:00.

Every Monday morning (and, let's be honest, every weekday morning) I get to work around 7:40 and sit in the silence as I watch others slide in an hour (or more) later. This perturbs me slightly, for I, too would like an extra hour of sleep. Shrug.

On this particular Monday morning, I have been experiencing a lot of random thoughts running through my brain, because I probably got around three hours of sleep last night. And so I'm a little loopier than usual. Among said thoughts are the following:

I hate coffee. I hate the smell of it, I hate the messy and disgusting remnants of it. And, I am sure that if I ever tried it, I would hate the taste of it too. It's just plain icky.

I am willingly sipping my weight in PHOs because I am so effing cold that I have to resort to consuming Stephen's Gourmet hot chocolate. (Damn PHOs.)

Why on earth did it snow yesterday? I HATE being cold. On the bright side, at least we live downtown now. No snow here. Poor Bountiful.

Yay for low utility bills this year!

What should husband and I be for Halloween? I love this holiday sooooooo much. It's my second favorite ever. So we need to be something good.

Thank you, dear Allie for the amazingly delicious pumpkin roll. It kicked the Luna bar's trash.

If you need more coffee, could you wait until I'm off the phone to ask me for more? Perhaps?

I'm glad softball season's over. I'm too old to play in this weather.

Can't wait to see baby Zoey.

Yay for a temple in Roma.

1 comment:

Kenna said...

I hate Monday's.

I love you and your thoughts.

And your face.

I LOVE coffee. The smell, the taste (of certain brews) and all that it entails.

I HATE the snow. LOATHE. What ever happened to 'Fall' in this state. This is reason 327 that I should move.