Thursday, October 9, 2008

I know you and you, but I don't know you

[Sorry, this is going to be a bit long... but it's worth it, I promise.]

I think I may have previously mentioned that high school was not my finest hour. Not that I didn't have fun or have a great group of friends... it was just that I never was a "high school" girl. (You know the type I'm talking about... the ones who will look back at high school as being the best time of their lives.) Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just knew that there was more to life than high school. Like college. With harder classes. I am a nerd.

That being said, my senior year was a bit of a downer. All of my guy friends were graduated, and I happened to have a gorgeous, vivacious little sister who was much more appealing to the guys my age than I. So I dated someone from a different high school for a few months, but was done with that relationship by the end of the year.

Needless to say, my prom prospects were pretty bleak.

And truly, I wanted to go. I hadn't gone the previous year because all of my buddies took girls their age (which speaks of how great they all were, to make sure that senior girls got to go to their senior prom). But honestly, I couldn't think of a single person who would ask me. Major bummer.

Which bummer got worse when my little sister got asked, by a senior naturally, to prom. It kind of typified the relationship we had at the time. I was slightly envious of her beauty and outgoing personality, and I suppose she perhaps felt the same about my academic prowess. That being said, my sister is my best friend, and she proved it when she devised a plan (along with my AP Psych teacher) to get me a date to prom.

You know you're a complete nerd when your little sister and your teacher set you up on a blind date for prom.

At any rate, what happened was I went to prom with the cousin of a guy friend my age, whom I had met before, but only briefly. He went to a different high school, but took one class at Bountiful (AP Psych) and always went to his and Bountiful's prom. He was trying to figure out who to take to prom, and my name was brought up. The rest is history. The dance was actually quite fun and he was a great date.

(I will add that I did end up getting asked by another guy after I had said yes to the set-up date, so he ended up taking my other friend who hadn't been asked. Thus, all of my girls and I got to go to prom that year. It made me quite happy.)

The funny part is, about nine months ago husband and I (along with our friend, Tyler) were at a mission farewell for one of our friends. We ran into my prom date after the meeting, and the following conversation took place:

Prom Date: Hey guys! It's been awhile.

Tyler: It's great to see you. I thought I saw you in there.

PD: Yeah I saw you guys in there too. And I thought, I know you (pointing to Ty) and you (pointing to Greg) but I don't know you (pointing to me).

Um... what to say, what to say...

Me: Actually, I was your prom date senior year. Dunno if you remember me. It has been awhile.

He pales and looks panicked. Greg and Ty look amused and slightly incredulous.

PD: (Stammering) Um, wow, I totally didn't recognize you. Um how are you doing?

Me: I'm well thanks, and it's ok, I have dark hair now, am paler. So I look pretty different.

PD: Um well it was great to see all of you...

(Makes a hasty escape.)

I'm glad I leave such an indelible impression on people.

College definitely treated me better.


Kenna said...

I bet he felt like a dbag for sure.

Which he should, sheesh.

Ashley said...

Total db. You enjoyed college because of me and my bad self.

lauren said...

it's very true sweet ash. very true indeed.

Cami said...

It's ok I didnt even get asked to Senior Prom senior year. Sad