Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anniversary weekend

For our one year anniversary, Greg and I decided to spend a night up in Park City. And Gregtron, being the wonderful husband that he is, planned the whole thing because I wanted to be surprised. We stayed at a great little place on Main Street called the April Inn. For dinner, we went to an incredibly delicious establishment called Purple Sage. I haven't had food that good in awhile.

It was pretty rainy on Saturday, so we did a little window shopping and then came home. But it was nice to just relax and not have to do a whole lot. A few days later we got our wedding cake from my parents (who had graciously been keeping it in their freezer this past year) and ate some. It still tasted pretty good actually. (Gotta love carrot cake, eh?)

Just some way cool flowers to enjoy at work.

Best restaurant. Maybe ever.

We're so presh.

Yes, this is a jock strap made of fur. You can die happy.

At least we didn't break the knife this time.


Shannon & Ryan said...

Carrot cake is my FAVORITE. Nice choice. Ever had the carrot cake cheesecake at the Factory? It's a must. And I'm glad to see pictures and commentary; it's good to see your beautiful smile on this blog once in a while. What a crazy fun week you guys had. I, too, have a brother who is prepping for his mission. Lump in my throat thinking about it; it's really exciting, too, so thanks for sharing your experience. Makes me giddy for Hotch (my bro).

Kenna said...


Did I tell you that people told us, 'Congrats, you aren't divorced?!' It was amazing.

I'm so proud of you, ya know. I look up to you and Greg.

PS I have that jock strap in leather, or Josh does, rather.

Ashley said...

Was that your cake that you actually saved for a year? Wow. You guys are super presh.