Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hips and shins, ships and hins

I'll admit that I can be a bit clumsy. For some reason my subconscious has an affinity for running into door frames or even walls, for no real reason at all. I've also had issues with hitting my head on randoms things like soap dishes and door knobs, but those are other stories that I will probably forget to share.

Anyway, my newest form of clumsiness has involved our new (and might I add GLORIOUS) platform bed from IKEA. The day after we bought it, I ran into a corner of the bed (which, in my defense, was covered by the bedspread) and hit the tenderest part of my shin. Admittedly a tinge painful, but not a big deal. Until I hit the EXACT same spot again two minutes later. In a word: OUCH.

It was healing ok; I got a good scab. Nothing like I used to get in the old sliding days of softball, but it was pretty decent, all things considered. It was almost completely healed until last night... when I hit the same spot for the third time. Drawing more blood. Causing more discomfort. And it doesn't help that yesterday when I woke up, my left hip flexor decided to be all tweaked. So when I walk I look like a drunk lady who needs a hip replacement. With an effed up shin. Wonderful.

I'm a klutz for reals.


Kenna said...

Door knobs are my worst enemy. People probably think Josh beats me with all the bruises on my arms! Also, our new coffee table is a disaster. We fought for a couple weeks. I had bruises all over my legs from CONTINUALLY running into it. How I could miss it I'm not sure...

Jolyn said...

I'm wondering if we have the same ikea platform bed. i have a ridiculous number of bruises on my legs from said bed. You're not the only clumsy one.

I like your blog too and I'm going to link to it!

Shannon & Ryan said...

The funniest thing is that I keep finding more and more things we have in common: loving softball, being a total klutz, and both knowing Kenna AND Alli Wright. Crazy. This is getting weird. (I used to work with Allison, and her sister is in my ward. They are great). Oh, and I love those chandelier earrings, also. They better sing and dance for the price, though. Sheesh.

Megan said...

Lauren I totally love your blog! It is great reading about your goings ons. I love this post, mostly because it reminds me of Jason. He runs into the end of our bed probably once a week. Stupid beds!

Is it okay if I link to your blog?