Monday, July 21, 2008

Best if used by...

One of the things my mom is famous for is making blueberry muffins on Sundays. I have fond memories throughout childhood and adolescence of this Sabbath day tradition.

So I decided to make some for Greg yesterday. I woke up before him and grabbed the blessed box of Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffin mix and began to mix the ingredients. It was only when I glanced at the can of dented blueberries that I suspected something may be amiss.

I checked the top of the box and it read, "Best if used by Sept. 2006." Hmm... that's weird, I got this at one of my bridal showers. In September of '07. Interesting.

The can of blueberries was completely liquefied and the batter went down the disposal.

At least I tried right?


Kenna said...

I bought a couple of those at the store on Saturday.

And yes, trying is what matters.

Kimba said...

I love it. I wonder if the gifter had grabbed the box from the back of her cupboard?

"No need to buy a box, I have one right here! From the Stone Ages!"

Matt'n Mal Johns said...

lol, I love those muffins. It's a shame! Mine and Matt's favorite thing to eat on Sunday's my homemade German Pancakes- easy recipe, delicious and did I mention easy! Let me know if you want it!!

Blogdor said...

I'm sorry all your Sabbath Day traditions are phony, since they were on Sunday and NOT the Sabbath. Take it from the Seventh Day Adventists here in Loma Linda.