Friday, May 2, 2008

Vegas pics

Just a few pics from the jaunt to LV.

Gotta love the In-N-Out

Entertaining myself in the car

The new do



Flowers in the desert?

The rattlesnake


Cami said...

Yeah for fun new hair! i love looks so cute!

Rachel Bott said...

Hey strangers, we need to get together again now that our lives have settled a bit. Let us know when is good for you.

Our blog changed again it is go and check it out.

Rachel and Cameron Bott.

By the way I love reading your posts you are a great writer.

talk to you soon.

Ashley said...

Love the new do, do NOT love In n Out. That's like the greatest scam in the world, the way ex-pat Californians have been able to brainwash all Utahns into thinking that burgers and greasy fries are some exclusive novelty. What a joke. But I sure am proud of you for getting out into nature Lal. Wow. You DO gotta love that.

Ashley said...

Oh, and happy happy happy birthday...I know I am going to forget. Is it the sixth....? I am the worst friend ever, I know. I just wanted to tell you now so that when I inevitably forget (and I already did since I only REALLY know that it's soon) you will know that I still love you.

Kelly and Stacey said...

I LOVE your hair! It looks great.

Josh & Kenna said...

I too am diggin' the hair, for reals, forevs, whatevs, you know it.

Uh huh.

Whitney said...

i love these pictures! you two are really cute. and your hair is so cute, i know i tell you that in person all the time, but it's true!