Friday, April 11, 2008

What is up with accessory pets?

As I was sitting at Greg's soccer game last night, I unwittingly became involved in the travesty I would like to call "the accessory pet." Perhaps I should elaborate a bit more... there I was, innocently sitting, cheering on my husband, when two girls came into my vicinity. Almost plowed over by one of them (I will call her girl #1), they didn't instill a very great first impression. But no matter, thought I, for they were sitting just far enough away from me as to not impinge upon my personal space.

To my dismay, girl #2 was holding a tiny little chihuahua clad in a little vest with a furry hood. For serious. And I thought to myself, "Why do people dress up their pets like children? Or to compliment their outfits?" I have never understood this phenomenon of accessory pets. I think little dogs are adorable (I am especially partial to those shih tzu/poodle mixes because they're seriously so little and cute and would be quite manageable in a small space) but I draw the line at dressing them up.

It's as if they serve as a replacement for children. In fact, I read about a woman who actually left her child in the car and asked a valet to watch him while she went into Saks with her DOG. You know, because her dog might get lonely? Or maybe she wanted to show off its new outfit. Are you kidding me? Priorities people!

After the game, as girl #2 placed her dog on the floor to reveal her super cute pink retractable leash, I couldn't help but giggle. It was just so dang precious... haha.


Josh & Kenna said...

If I can punt the little dog over the fence, it isn't a dog...or so Josh says.

Scott Duehlmeier said...

Yo Quiero stupid dressed up animals.

Brad & Britt said...

if this saga is about the indoor soccer place down by foxborough...i have seen the 2 girls. That indoor place seems to be the place for people to bring their dogs. (as if sitting on sticky, sweaty, moist stadium seats weren't enough...we now have to worry about sitting on the wastes coming from the little "dogs")