Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ah, the effects of sleep deprivation

So it's been a little while since I have last blogged. Which is fine, I think, because I don't always like to hear myself talk (or write, as it were). Shrug.

Anyway, after spending a glorious Thanksgiving break in b town and then in Vegas, I was perturbed and dismayed to find that my insomnia has returned in full force. For those of you who are not aware of my propensity for this dysfunction, I will tell you that I have been an insomniac for the greater part of my life... let's just say I got through college on an average of three hours of sleep a night-- and a lot of dp come paper writing time. I don't think it helps that I am a total night owl and that every time my alarm rings at precisely 6:23 in the morning (no wait, I lied, now it's 6:35) that I think it should be a bedtime. I've tried to change, to go to bed at nine and wake up all refreshed in the morning. It doesn't work. Every time that alarm rings I still want to throw it against the wall. And I'm not typically a violent person.

The past three nights have been (for lack of a better word) hell for me. Sunday I dreamt that a homeless man stopped my car by ripping off my side mirror, making me get out of the car and then threatening me with a large and very serrated knife. That one found me ripped out of sleep at about two am, never again to obtain some desperately needed REM cycles, but to experience even trippy-er dreams... mostly involving homeless people. (Perhaps being accosted by them at least three times a week is getting to me.) The next night was a delight (note my dripping sarcasm) as my body decided to wake up every two hours the entire night. 2...4...6... SO much fun!!

And then we have last night.

Hey, I went to bed at 10:38, hoping to reap the benefits of getting to bed at a "decent" hour. I turned out the lights after reading my new favorite novel, The Fountainhead, (which I HIGHLY recommend to all you deep thinkers out there) feeling content, ready for a full night's sleep. It wasn't meant to be. Instead I woke up about five or six times, tossing and turning whilst having trippy dreams about crazy architects. You would understand if you were currently reading The Fountainhead, and don't let that dissuade you from reading it. I am an insomniactic freak at times. I'm just glad that my erratic behavior is not adversely effecting Greg. He slept like a rock, and I'm glad. One of us should be coherent. At least Christmas is on it's way... which means lots of days off for the L-Train. Perhaps it will help assuage my disorder so that one day i may be able to get a full night's rest.

Other than this mild irriation, life's good, and I'll probably be doing a cheesy-ish post about my first attempt at Christmas tree ornamentation. But we shall see.


Ash said...

You might as well just give up trying to get a full night's sleep now if you ever plan on having children. Foutainhead, hmmm. Sounds like a book about drugs but I am going to go ahead and trust you on this one.

EMILY said...

You just described my life. I have never, not once, had a full nights rest since high school! I have gotten up at least 3 times a night. When Claire would wake up in the middle of the night for feedings when she was first born, I was already up. Now that she sleeps through the night, I am still waking up to check on her. But, when morning comes, I want to scream because I am soooo tired!

Erin & Mike Featherstone said...

Love it. We miss you guys!
- Mike & Erin