Friday, October 19, 2007

The Big One-Monther

It's been exactly a month since Greg and I got married, and the time has really flown by. I'm sure all you seasoned vets out there are chortling a bit at my giddiness over a single month of marriage... but it doesn't really matter. This month has been the bestest/fastest month I've experienced up to this point. (And I do realize my grammatical folly in the previous sentence... but I at times favor parallelism over grammar, especially when I want to emphasize something important. Just a little FYI.)

Anyway, above is a picture of the flowers my incredible husband sent me at work. I think the reason I feel so exuberant about this day is because I know I married the right guy. All of you that know me know how difficult of a journey my dating life was for me; thus, it's such a relief to be finished with that chapter of my life. Greg is my everything. God has truly blessed me by sending Greg to me. Yes, this is all a little cheesy... but you've felt it too, don't EVEN try to lie about it. There is no calmer feeling than the realization that you've found the person you're meant to be with forever, the person meant to be your best friend and companion, the person meant to be the completion of yourself. Yay for marriage!!


Josh & Kenna said...

snaps for marriage

Ash said...

Sometimes I think back on people I dated and choke on my own gag reflexes...and you know several of them that incite this type of reaction. Yes the thought of ever returning to dating is repulsive. You are a total cheese butt. But that is ok and I'll tell you again what I told you on your wedding day: it only gets better.