Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The one where I write about the Cocomotion

A lot of things (moving! holidays! weddings!) have been going on lately, some of which I may end up documenting at a later date. In the meantime, here is my ode to the one, the only, Cocomotion. Because most some days I need a little chocolate pick-me-up and a lot of warm beveragey goodness. 

[I mean, 7 degrees is on another level of coldness... especially when the only insulation in your roof is saw dust and you have no weather stripping on your front door. And yes, I guess saw dust is actually considered to be insulation in some delusional circles.]

Anyway, here is my step-by-step process of how to make "Cocomotion," which is called such because it is so highly superior to its "hot chocolate" counterparts that it deserves its own classification. 

Step One: Assemble your ingredients 
Skim milk (preferably from happy, non hormone-riddled cows) | Personalized mug (optional) | Cocomotion (duh) | High-quality cocoa powder | Nutella (mainly because it's awesome, and also because it's super fattening, thereby thoroughly delicious)

Step Two: Pour one (or more) mugful(s) of milk into the Cocomotion
"I'm extra frothy because I'm from a happy(ish) cow," said the milk.
Step Three: Add four tablespoons of cocoa powder/per mugful of milk to the Cocomotion
It's not a secret that I like my chocolate dark. Real dark.
Step Four: Add a heaping (and I do mean heaping) spoon of Nutella to the milk/cocoa powder mixture
 Happiness in a spoon. 

 Step Five: Push the "on" button and watch the Cocomotion in action
In a matter of minutes, it goes from swirly... 
to serious. 

Step Six: When the Cocomotion stops, pour contents into mug, and pause to admire the frothiness  
... which may or may not be amplified by a personalized mug. 

 Step Seven: Enjoy standing at your kitchen counter, accompanied by a fancy lunch
The remnants of last week's arugula in the original package, tossed in a delicate infusion of olive oil and balsamic  vinegar. Delicious and, I would argue, fancy.

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