Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby Jesus in a tutu and other Christmas happenings

I decided to jump on the "Christmas spirit" train this year, since I have a child now and all that. Though she won't remember it, I wanted to ensure that her first Christmas season was one to remember. (Through photographs, of course.) So I set up our little tree, and put out my limited amount of Christmas decor. And bought my baby girl the cutest stocking I have ever seen.

On Christmas Eve, an ugly sweater party was held and the nativity recreated. Since my baby was the youngest baby at the party, she had the esteemed honor of portraying the Christ child in the manger. (Which was actually a Fisher Price bouncy chair, but we did our best.) For some reason, my mother thought that adding a white tutu would be apt (in an effort to negate the impact of her green polka dot onesie, I'm sure), and the overall effect was maybe a little unorthodox. But still great, I think.

Christmas Day brought copious gifts to my sweet daughter from Santa and all of her grandparents. I took a photo to illustrate. [Please refrain from all passive-aggressive comments regarding how we are enabling the notion that Christmas is all about commercialism, and focus on the incredible generosity of my parents and in-laws. And Santa.]

We also got to Skype with my little brother who is currently serving an LDS mission. The best part? He got to see his niece for the first time (besides pictures). I love technology. Always and forever. (Always and forever.)

And now, I leave you with a few more images of the day. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Filled with commercialism. (Just kidding.)


kenna said...

darling. did her god mother give her that green onsie?! :)

i miss you.

lauren said...

why yes she did. :)

i miss you more. get better already wiil ya?

Shannon said...

love that little babe. she is so cute. your hair is gorgeous. so happy that your Christmas was a hit. hope you got to soak in some time off, too.