Friday, October 21, 2011

wide awake

it's exactly 5:55 in the am as i begin this post. i am wide awake. so is my daughter. we've been this way since about 4:45 this morning. in an effort to allow the husb some stolen moments of sleep, i'm sitting out in our family room, bouncing the baby in her bouncy chair (and yes, that is a technical term), blogging and trying to get some work done.

sleep deprivation does interesting things to your brain. i find that, just as i am about to use a certain word, it slips away from my tongue, and in its place, incoherent babbling. i find my brain, in general, is slower to process things that once were automatic. i often feel like i have to wade through the soupy-ness (also a technical term) that is the remainder of my mental acuity like someone wading through quicksand. and by telling you this, i am not complaining, rather explaining. so that if you chance to run across me these days, you will understand that i am not what i once was in the brain department.

this is all ok to me, just fyi.

probably because she's just so dang cute...

who wouldn't love that beautiful smile?


Tim and Mandy said...

She is a doll Lauren! I can't believe how big she is getting already! It goes by so fast! Hope you are doing well!

Tim and Mandy said...

She is a doll Lauren! I can't believe how big she is getting! They grow up so fast! Hop you are doing g well!

Abby said...

well, i'm impressed you were able to come up with words like 'incoherent' and 'acuity' that early in morning.

she is growing so fast! look at that smile. what a sweetie.

Kristy said...

She is adorable!
I know how you feel. I felt like I was fairly smart before I had my baby. Now I can't write, I'm forgetful, etc. etc. I'm not sure if it's lack of sleep because my baby is one and I still feel that way!

Cameron and Rachel Bott said...

Yeah, she is pretty darling! Cute post. Hope to see you guys again sooner than later!