Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life's a beach

A few weeks ago, we made our annual sojourn down to Newport Beach. And it was delightful. (Well, except for that whole driving down and back part... next year we're flying for REALS.) A side note: the In-N-Out in Barstow is ginormous and is always packed. It makes for excellent people watching, to be sure.

Highlights of the trip included the clairvoyant Asian lady who sold us ice cream (who not only correctly stated that I am having a girl, but also correctly stated how far along I was at the time... amazeballs), a stop at TK Burgers, the husb helping my poor unfortunate-looking footsies by painting my toenails, enjoying some amazing Vegan fare, the beach house owner's penchant for Danielle Steel novels (see pictorial evidence below) and, of course, the beach. (Though I would have preferred it being a beach that was not filled with perfectly tanned and thoroughly skinny 16 year old girls... but maybe that's because this year I was channeling the whole "beached whale" vibe.)

Until next year, dear Newport. 

1 comment:

kenna said...

greg painted your toe nails.

woman, KEEP HIM. :)

i can't wait until that little baby comes out into the world. i want to meet her.