Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Arcade Fire, and how pregnancy saved my pop tarts

Monday night we saw The Arcade Fire in concert down at UVU. Said concert was, in and of itself, amazeballs, but so was the incident that transpired just prior to my entry into the UCCU Center. (Or whatever the McKay Events Center is called these days.)

As my purse was being searched, the officer rifling through my bag said that all the contents therein were acceptable, save my precious pack of organic blueberry pop tarts. I gingerly tossed the beloved package into the nearest trash, saying something about how they help the pregnant belly. (Because sometimes I fall prey to incoherent babbling when I don't have anything else to say.) The officer looked at me, as is to confirm that I was actually pregnant, hesitated, then said, "Well actually... do you want them back?" Boy did I! So he fished them out for me with a smile and told me to enjoy the concert. (And yes, I did sanitize the entire package with hand sanitizer once we were in our seats.)

Later on, when my nausea kicked in, the pop tarts saved my tummy, allowing me to fully savor the brilliance that is The Arcade Fire. So I thank the kind officer who allowed me to keep my pop tarts and enjoy the show.

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Chelsey said...

Wow, I haven't checked blogs in so long. Congrats on your pregnancy, and a girl! That is so exciting. I love that you got your pop tarts back and got to enjoy a great concert. Also congrats to Daniel on his mission. Did you know Amber is moving out there in July? Hopefully she can have him over for dinner. :)